Repro / Book Design and Layout

I have taken on a few Repro or layout and Design projects of books.

Roberts Bird Guide – Second Edition

This book was published in October 2016. Authours are Hugh Chittenden, Greg Davies and Ingrid Weiersbye. Its a complete update of the first edition, with new illustrations, new maps (made by me) and more. I did the layout and design of the book right through to print ready pdf. More here ...

Roberts Geographic Variation of Southern African Birds

Completed in August 2012, I did layout and design, maps and plates, right through to print ready pdf for the printer. The new book "Roberts Geographical Variation of Southern African Birds", was a very interesting project. Ingrid Weiersbye did the illustrations and they are superb. Hugh Chittenden and Dave Allen are the authors. More here ..

Pooleys Trees of Eastern South Africa

The "Pooleys Trees of Eastern South Africa" is done! It has been a really nice project. Richard Boon is the author, he has been working on the book for over 5 years now, I was lucky enough to be able to do the layout and design and get it ready for print. The field guide describes over 1000 trees and has over 3000 photos! The Flora Trust has more info on their website.

The Beach Book

This is another of the Flora and Fauna Trusts books that I did the layout and design for, written by Jerry Gosnell. Its a small guide to the vegetation on the KZN coast, from Seaweeds to Dune plants. The Flora Trust has more info on their website.

Roberts Bird Guide

The most up to date Field Guide on African birds with colour maps and full page texts on bird biology. Published October 2007. More here ..

Roberts Bird Guide Kruger National Park

Roberts Birds of Kruger National Park An essential bird guide for anyone visiting the Kruger National Park and ajacent lowveld region. More here ..