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Hugh Chittenden has made a start to his new website which showcases his bird photography, he has just made a small start but it promises many amazing images soon.

Five years ago we started work on the Roberts Birdguide - Second Edition, I am very proud to say We done! Books should be in stores in November.

I put another 4 of the photos of Nguni cattle that I took at Lake Sibaya in the Nguni gallery.

It has taken 6 years work to get the new Roberts Geographical Variation of Southern African Birds; Bird Guide done. Its the first of its kind and should be in book stores by the end of August 2012.

I have just uploaded a new website, KwaZulu Films. KwaZulu films is Philip Gardner and Andrew Cassells website, the site is basically a directory of photos of filming locations in KwaZulu Natal.

In 2010 we spent a night at Kubu Island in the salt pans of Botswana. I photographed the baobab trees there in the short time we had.

Nguni Cattle can be very photogenic. The Hanbury-Kings live on a sugar farm outside Eshowe, they had a small nguni herd that I photographed a while back. I have uploaded six photos of their cows as well as one of their daughter Loren, my kids and their Herdsman.

I have uploaded a few commercial photos taken for Brett Gehren from the Isibindi Africa Lodges group. I have done interior and exterior photos of the 5 lodges as well as activity shots for them for advertising either print or web. I also do the website.

Today I also added a few more photos of Eshowe to this page.

Its been a very busy two months and havn't photographed much besides some frogs both at Bonamanzi and in Eshowe. Here a small gallery of them are.

Its almost Christmas! All the best to all my readers I know (and don't) for this festive season.

I have started a gallery which I will add to as I can of Eshowe and its surrounding areas, so far just the two Eshowe dams and one panaramic view of Geodetrou are up.

I added another 4 cattle photos to this page. They were taken on a trip to Botswana at Lake Ngami.

I have uploaded 4 Nguni Cattle photos I took at Lake Sibaya. I will add other nguni pics in time.

I have finally got around to giving my site a little face lift and adding some stuff to it, just the beginning ...